Monday, November 1, 2010

KVAC announces Field Hockey All Conference, All Academic teams

Written by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference has announced the All Conference first and second teams for Field Hockey in Class A and B along with coaches of the year and player of the year by class and division. They also have announced the All Academic team. To qualify for All Academic honors athletes must be seniors in good standing who have attained a grade point average of 90 or better or A- or better.
Kyia Jensen Brunswick
Chelsea Begin Cony
Asia Le Cony (goalie)
Emily Ranucci Edward Little
Kaitlin LaPlante Lawrence
Kristyna Bernatchez Messalonskee
Jessica Boghosian Messalonskee
Abagail Stacey Messalonskee
Hannah Warren Oxford Hills
Sarah Finnemore Skowhegan
Mikayla Fitzmaurice Skowhegan
Nicole Sevey Skowhegan
Jessica Skillings Skowhegan
ALL CONFERENCE Second Team Class A
Darcy Andrade Bangor
Deaven Smith Brewer
Annie Kelly Brunswick
Tori Couture Edward Little
Danielle Dubois Lawrence
Kathryn Bernatchez Messalonskee
Alexandra Cole Messalonskee(goalie)
Amber Bowley Mt. Ararat
Elizabeth LeClair Mt. Blue
Marisa Hanning Oxford Hills
Noelle Hancock Skowhegan
Makela Michonski Skowhegan
Coach of the Year
Lisa Larrabee Lawrence
Player of the Year
Nicole Sevey Skowhegan
Darcy Andrade Bangor
Meegan Bolduc Bangor
Tynesha Dias Bangor
Madeline Langley Bangor
Abby Lebowitz Bangor
Dana Libhart Bangor
Hillary Throckmorton Bangor
Delaney Turner Brewer
Liz Wyman Brewer
Morgan Moore Brunswick
Haley Shaw Brunswick
Stephanie Beeckel Cony
Allison Cote Cony
Nicole Kirschner Cony
Shea-Leigh McArthur Cony
Kristen Pietri Cony
Ashley Butler Edward Little
Marie Dufresne-Dixon Edward Little
Miranda Martin Edward Little
Eileen McKinney Edward Little
Maranda Parent Edward Little
Emily Ranucci Edward Little
Brianna Robbins Edward Little
Danielle Dubois Lawrence
Kaitlin LaPlante Lawrence
Allison Lafreniere Lewiston
Kaylynn Levasseur Lewiston
Sara Marden Lewiston
Kirstin McCombs Lewiston
Allison DeLisle Messalonskee
Emily Buczkowski Morse
Kathleen Crosby Morse
Elizabeth LeClair Mt. Blue
Jillian Perron Mt. Blue
Marcy Smith Mt. Blue
Jessica Gauthier Oxford Hills
Marissa Hanning Oxford Hills
Hannah Warren Oxford Hills
Corrine Anderson Skowhegan
Noelle Hancock Skowhegan
Kasey Laveway Belfast
Maci Heal Camden Hills
Sarah Nason Camden Hills (Goalie)
Kaylee Heath Gardiner
Becca Paradee Gardiner
Hayleigh Kein Mt. View
Chrissy Larrabee Mt. View
Jordin McGinnis Nokomis
Marrisa Shaw Nokomis
Lexi Russo Waterville
Danielle Quirion Winslow
ALL CONFERENCE Second Team Class B
Brooklyn Curry Belfast
Emily Jordan Erskine
Carly Pelletier Gardiner
Casey Fichter Leavitt
MaKayla McCann Leavitt
Taylor Eells Leavitt (Goalie)
Meghan Hughes MCI
Maggie Clark Mt. View
Becca Tucci Oak Hill
Allison Ward Rockland
Dianna Wendall Winslow
Coach of the Year
Alan Holmes Belfast
Player of the Year
Becca Paradee Gardiner
Team Champions
Class “A” Skowhegan
Class “B” co-champs Mt.View & Nokomis
Ashland Hall Belfast
Rosie LaCivita Belfast
Kasey Laveway Belfast
Lauren Martin Belfast
Sasha Small Belfast
Helene Wallace Belfast
Mia Bergmann Camden Hills
Morgan Farley Camden Hills
Kayla Hart Camden Hills
Maci Heal Camden Hills
Katharine Johanson Camden Hills
Charlotte Lemar Camden Hills
Emily Howard Erskine
Emily Jordan Erskine
Isabelle Kennedy Erskine
Tabatha Plourde Erskine
Cora Pomerleau Erskine
Amy Schwab Erskine
Sarah Spicer Erskine
Olivia Trask Erskine
Allison Beaulieu Gardiner
Kayla Hallett Gardiner
Paige LaPointe Gardiner
Rebecca Paradee Gardiner
Carly Pelletier Gardiner
Caitlin Phillips Gardiner
Rebecca Woodward Gardiner
Jennifer Fortin Hampden
Meaghan Haenn Hampden
Larua Sargent Hampden
Rosario DeLaGarza Leavitt
Karina Rodriguez Leavitt
Meghan Hughes MCI
Maggie Clark Mt. View
Felicia Flagg Mt. View
Amanda Hall Mt. View
Hayleigh Kein Mt. View
Christine Larrabee Mt. View
Brianna Moody Mt. View
Channing Murphy Mt. View
Allison Manson Nokomis
Katlyn Chase Nokomis
Sara Lacroix Oak Hill
Reilly Cousins Rockland
Colleen Haskell Rockland
Mackenzie Riley Waterville
Alexis Russo Waterville
Sarah Walker Waterville
Danielle Quirion Winslow

KVAC announces All Conference and All Academic awards for soccer

Written by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference recently announced the All Conference first and second teams as well as All Academic awards for boys and girls soccer, field hockey, cross country and golf.
Cheering in the fall does not select All Conference but does name an All Academic Team. To qualify for All Academic honors athletes must be seniors in good standing who have attained a grade point average of 90 or better or A- or better.
Pine Tree Conference Football Classes A & B will be released later.
Girls Class A Soccer All Conference teams North Division:… First Team, Bangor, Kim Jordan and Ashley Robinson; Brewer, Faith Thomas; Hampden, Julie Snyder and Michaela Stephenson; Lawrence, Jessica Poulin; Mt. Blue, Hannah Allen; Skowhegan, Adrienne Davis; Waterville, Katy Massey and Jordan Pellerin.
Second Team:… Bangor, Erin Boulier, Hannah Colpritt, and Tiffany Gray; Brewer, Toral Nelson and Missy Thompson; Lawrence, Myrilla Hartkopf, Hannah Sheperd and Sara Quimby; Mt. Blue, Abby Flanamngan; and Waterville, Abbie Webster.
Coach of the year for the North division was Mike Herrick, Skowhegan and Player of the Year was Pellerin of Waterville.
Girls Class A Soccer All Conference teams South Division: … First Team, Brunswick, Katherine Chipman and Allison Walton; Edward Little, Emily Grund and Frankie Lally; Erskine Academy, Nicole Glidden; Morse, Tori Field; Mt. Ararat, Katie Hennrikson, Colby Gail, Randi London and Jaymee Wallace; Oxford Hills, Kiersten Zufelt.
Second Team: Brunswick, Allison Hill, Cassandra Murano, and Paige Tetu; Cony, Olivia Boivin and Amelia Diplock; Erskine Academy, Meryl Bond and Bridget Humphrey; Lewiston, MacKenzie Masselli; Morse, Emma Seeley and Lindsay Watts; and Mt. Ararat, Haley Michaud.
Coach of the Year was Steve Boyce of Morse and Player of the year was Ali Hersi of Lewiston.
Boys Class A Soccer All Conference teams North Division:… First Team, Bangor, Phil Frost, Luke Hetterman, and Andy Prusaitis; Brewer, Ray Bessette; Lawrence, Codey Fabian and Matt Saunders; Messalonskee, Jacob Erskine and Christopher Hall; Mt. Blue, Jimmy Neal; and Waterville, David Cook and Wilson Guthro.
Second Team: Bangor, Jacques Larochelle; Brewer, Yuhi Sasaki; Hampden, Corey Grover; Lawrence, Tim Dudley; Messalonskee, Cameron Douglas; Mt. Blue, Colton Hall and Dylan Stinchfield; Skowhegan, Anthony Billington; and Waterville, Max Brown, Alex Rowe and John Terhune.
Coach of the year for the North division was Kerry Serdjenian of Waterville and Player of the Year was Frost from Bangor.
Boys Class A Soccer All Conference teams South Division:… First Team, Brunswick, Mitch Black; Edward Little, James Jackson and Tim Mains; Erskine Academy , Brian Potter and Ryan Pulver; Lewiston, Ali Hersi, Scott Quellette and Shobow Saban; MNorse, Magnus Lilleaas; Mt. Ararat, Adam Levesque; and Oxford Hills, Derek Morin.
Second Team: Brunswick, Matt Kasabain and Konnor Scarponi; Lewiston, Curtis Robinson and Joe Sullivan; Morse, Flemming Milke, Max Rawson amd Eric Trautman-Mosher; Mt. Ararat, David Roux and Alden Talbot; and Oxford Hills, Collin Tucker.
Coach of the Year was Mike McGraw of Lewiston and Player of the Year was Hersi from Lewiston.
Class A Boys and Girls All Academic Awards

Samuel Barnett Bangor
Thomas Bearor Bangor
Julian Bowlan Bangor
Benjamin Claeson Bangor
Seth Freudenberger Bangor
Luke Hetterman Bangor
Adam King Bangor
Jacques Larochelle Bangor
Andrew Prusaitis Bangor
Jack Stacey Bangor
Adam Turtlott Bangor
Keji Xu Bangor
Ryan Adams Brewer
Brian Carr Brewer
Cam Coutts Brewer
Justin Leathers Brewer
Jake Valley Brewer
Garrett Brann Brunswick
Slater Claudel Cony
Jonathan Delorme Edward Little
Cameron Ivers Edward Little
James Jackson Edward Little
Timothy Mains Edward Little
Takashi Ranucci Edward Little
Matthew Atwood Erskine
Chase Drummond Erskine
Jake Gagne Erskine
Brian Potter Erskine
Matthew Potter Erskine
Cody Fabian Lawrence
Ross Heinrich Lawrence
Eric Hall Lewiston
Tyler Hartman Lewiston
Jon McDonough Lewiston
Eric Morin Lewiston
Scott Ouellette Lewiston
Curtis Robinson Lewiston
Joe Sullivan Lewiston
Cameron Douglas Messalonskee
Thomas Littlefield Messalonskee
Andrew Wilson Messalonskee
Henry Conroy Morse
Caleb Edmondson Morse
Charles Oddleifson Morse
Zachery Shaw Morse
Eric Trautman-Mosher Morse
Matthew McVety Oxford Hills
Ben Millett-Cordwell Oxford Hills
Derek Morin Oxford Hills
Anthony Billington Skowhegan
Sebastien Dumont Skowhegan
Lucas Fortier Skowhegan
Kyle Hancock Skowhegan
Michael Pakulski Skowhegan
Felix Xie Skowhegan
Thomas Greenspan Waterville
Wilson Guthro Waterville
Class A Boys and Girls All Academic Awards

Elizabeth Dixon Lewiston
Shelby Dobransky Lewiston
Brittany Martin Lewiston
Carolyn Holz Messalonskee
Paige Oliver Messalonskee
Alison Omsberg Messalonskee
Kerry Schlosser Messalonskee
Alyssa Baxter Morse
Jessie Blum Morse
Emily Howell Morse
Hannah Milam Morse
Lindsay Watts Morse
Kelsey White Morse
Randi London Mt. Ararat
Hannah Allen Mt. Blue
Abigail Flanagan Mt. Blue
Marlie Mochamer Mt. Blue
Dayna Schultz Oxford Hills
Claire Stauder Oxford Hills
Melissa Strauss Oxford Hills
Adrienne Davis Skowhegan
Zoe Pease Skowhegan
Kylee Gardiner Waterville
Emily Karter Waterville
Ketelyn Massey Waterville
Girls Class B Soccer All Conference teams:… First Team, Camden Hills, Kristina Alex and Melanie Vangel; Gardiner, Jenn Day; Leavitt, Bri Hammond and Tori Zupancic; Maranacook, Katie Dore and Amanda Findlay; Medomak Valley, Alanna Vose; Oak Hill, Marrissa Caskin; and Winslow, Emily Farrell and Alliyah Veilleux.
Second Team: Belfast, Victoria Overlock and Emily Violette; Camden Hills, Caroline Matteo; Gardiner, Kate Turmelle; Leavitt, Abby Randall and Mariah Treadwell; Maine Central Institute, Paula Arias and Jessica Riley; Medomak Valley, Mallory Conary; Nokomis, Kelsie Richards; and Oak Hill, Hannah Langlois.
Co-Coaches of the year were Joel Lufkin, Medomak Valley and Chris Cifelli of Leavitt. Co-Players of the Year were, Hammond of Leavitt and Day of Gardiner.
Boys Class B Soccer All Conference teams:… First Team, Belfast, Windham Veevarert; Camden Hills, Sam Predham, Malcolm Steele and Andy Stevick; Lincoln Academy, Sam Stone; Maranacook, Dakota Duplissie and Walker Thompson; Mount View, Zach Mehuren; Oak Hill, Jamiel Kidd; and Winslow, McKenzie Michaud and Nick Papis.
Second Team: Belfast, Yani Raki; Camden Hills, Ian Cushing and Yani Stancioff; Leavitt, Elliott Wiegman; Lincoln Academy, Kyle Scherer; Maranacook, Tyler DeAngelis and Zach Elwell; Mount View, Arron Elkins; Oak Hill, Ben Daggett; and Winslow, Camden Akins and Dalton Thompson.
Coach of the Year was Ryan Hurley of Camden Hills and Player of the Year was Duplisea of Maranacook.
Class B Boys and Girls All Academic Awards:

Eric Gaulin Belfast
Jeremiah Kahn Belfast
Tucker Morehouse Belfast
Windham Veevaert Belfast
Nick Murphy Camden Hills
Scott Smith Camden Hills
Sam Vail Camden Hills
Taylor Williams Camden Hills
Isaac Luken Gardiner
Kaleb Smith Gardiner
Ethan Hibler Leavitt
Elliott Wiegman Leavitt
Jackson Cromwell Lincoln Academy
Liam Mullen Lincoln Academy
Samuel Stone Lincoln Academy
Ryan Wahle Lincoln Academy
Sean Daigle Maranacook
Tyler DeAngelis Maranacook
Harry Lanphear Maranacook
Kevin McGrady MCI
Isaac Durkee Medomak
Evan Coleman Mt. View
Alex Davis Mt. View
Zachary Mehuren Mt. View
Adam Beaulieu Oak Hill
Brian Bradstreet Oak Hill
Benjamin Daggett Oak Hill
Samuel Hatch Oak Hill
Benjamin Meservey Oak Hill
Conor Pfister Rockland
Casey Raymond Rockland
Kody Price Winslow
Class B Boys and Girls All Academic Awards:

Victoria Overlock Belfast
Hayley Rae Belfast
Kaitlyn Schweikert Belfast
Julia Gowesky Camden Hills
Marnie Merrill Camden Hills
Kaitlyn Turmelle Gardiner
Brianna Hammond Leavitt
Abbey Randall Leavitt
Kayla Richardson Leavitt
Sarah Alley Lincoln Academy
Katherine Bolster Lincoln Academy
Anna Budrow Lincoln Academy
Emma Lazzari Lincoln Academy
Kathleen Moran Lincoln Academy
Amanda Findlay Maranacook
Sydney Hazzard Maranacook
Maddie Nazar Maranacook
Katra Witherill Maranacook
Roxanne Jelenfy Medomak
Hannah Clark Mt. View
Anna Dyer Mt. View
Victoria Lufkin Mt. View
Alyssa Pulsifer Mt. View
Katie Webber Nokomis
Rebecca Belaire Oak Hill
Katelynn Wood Oak Hill
Emily Farrell Winslow

KVAC announces Cross Country awards

 Written by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference has announced the All Conference first and second teams for Cross Country along with coaches of the year and runner of the year by class and division. They also have announced the All Academic team. To qualify for All Academic honors athletes must be seniors in good standing who have attained a grade point average of 90 or better or A- or better.
Will Lundquist Cony
Alex Smith Cony
Hussein Mohamed Edward Little
Faisal Noor Edward Little
Hussein Ibrahim Lewiston
Harlow Ladd Messalonskee
Andy Reifman-Packett Mt Ararat
Runner of the Year
Harlow Ladd Messalonskee
Boys Coach of the Year
Diane Fournier Mt Ararat
Kathleen McMahon Brunswick
Teresa Murphy Brunswick
Meaghan Collier Messalonskee
Gwen Beacham Mt Blue
Emilia McGrath Mt. Ararat
Kate Spies Mt. Ararat
Emma Wood Mt. Ararat
Runner of the Year
Kathleen McMahon Brunswick
Girls Coach of the Year
Diane Fournier Mt Ararat
CLASS A BOYS Second Team
Jimmie Pershken Lawrence
Kevin Lavertu Lewiston
Jake Letourneau Mt. Ararat
Nick Parsons Mt. Ararat
Brody Hines Mt. Blue
Jaron Jones Mt. Blue
Jonah Jones Mt. Blue
Michelle Haluska Brewer
Erin Bolduc Cony
Abby Hart Edward Little
Emmie Cox Mt. Ararat
Chloe Emerson Mt. Ararat
Lauren McNett Mt. Ararat
Addie Cullenberg Mt. Blue
Luis Mauser Belfast
Eben Hodgkins Erskine Academy
Ethan Burke Hampden Academy
Evan Piccirillo Hampden Academy
Evan Vincent Maranacook
Jeff Hale Waterville
Nick Shuckrow Winslow
Runner of the Year
Eben Hodgkins Erskine Academy
Boys Coach of the Year
Dick Balentine Hampden Academy
Abbie Wessells Belfast
Brittany Bowman Camden Hills
Kylee Parker Hampden Academy
Caroline Colan Maranacook
Abby Mace Maranacook
Gwen Moiles Medomak Valley
Abby Hersom Rockland
Molly Schassberger Winslow
Runners of the Year
Abby Mace Maranacook
Brittany Bowman Camden Hills
Girls Coach of the Year
Dick Balentine Hampden Academy
CLASS B BOYS Second Team
Andrew Closson Hampden Academy
Nick Kopf Hampden Academy
Stefano Valsecchi Hampden Academy
Kelby Mace Maranacook
Taylor Watson Maranacook
Mike McCann Winslow
Shawn Willette Winslow
Kellie Howie Belfast
Annie Schide Gardiner
Lucy Knowlton Leavitt
Maddie Wiegman Leavitt
Megan Wyllie Medomak Valley
Audrey Jones Winslow
Adriana Walsh Winslow
CLASS A & B BOYS All Academic Team
Juergen Pilot Bangor
Bryan Cunningham Belfast
Austin Gay Brunswick
George Mills Brunswick
Marcel Marki Camden Hills
Nicholas Bourget Edward Little
Jarrod Lenfest Erskine
Alec Cone Gardiner
Ethan Burke Hampden
Stephen Cormier Hampden
Carl Hanson Hampden
Francisco Montes Hampden
Andres Velez Hampden
Sam Benham Lawrence
Jimmy Pershken Lawrence
Max Sennett Lawrence
Mike Zebiak Lawrence
Morgan Hill Leavitt
Keith Lemelin Leavitt
Tanner Adams Lewiston
Russ Caligiuri Lewiston
Jacob Lapierre Lewiston
Alexander Hadik Lincoln Academy
Ben Barnes Maranacook
Michael Gillman Medomak
Quinton Vannah Medomak
Jason Perry Morse
Nick Demonsthenes Mt. Ararat
Alex Spies Mt. Ararat
Alex Hardy Oxford Hills
Tyler Pelletier Oxford Hills
Jeff Hale Waterville
Courtney Wiliams Waterville
Michael McCann Winslow
Matthew Boucher Cony
Alexander Smith Cony
CLASS A & B GIRLS All Academic Team:
Caroline Hetterman Bangor
Kathryn Laverdiere Bangor
Elizabeth Sturgeon Bangor
Hannah Hill Belfast
Elizabeth Rauch Belfast
Meghan McDonough Brunswick
Annie Fagan Camden Hills
Sarah Kennedy Camden Hills
McKenzie Meservey Camden Hills
Morgan Jones Cony
Kaitlyn Marks Cony
Sarah Nims Cony
Melissa Brown Edward Little
Kristen Alberts Erskine
Andrea Lees Erskine
Mallory Rauch Erskine
Allison Reynolds Erskine
Brittany Sherman Erskine
Alexandrea Becker Hampden
Courtney Doyon Hampden
Rachel Henderson Hampden
Blakelee Jordan Hampden
Samantha Kolyer Hampden
Mariah Ward Hampden
Mary Ellen Blodgett Lawrence
Samara Garcia Lawrence
Alexandria Butler Lewiston
Kelsey Kramarz Lewiston
Phoebe Arnold Lincoln Academy
Katrina Belle Lincoln Academy
Kristen Shirley Morse
Jamie Thomas Morse
Kiera Wilson Morse
Chloe Emerson Mt. Ararat
Jasmine Shields Mt. Ararat
Katie Spies Mt. Ararat
Alexandra Allen Mt. Blue
Gwen Beacham Mt. Blue
Emily Reed Mt. Blue
Amanda Dickey Skowhegan
Hannah Perry Winslow
Adrianna Walsh Winslow

Skowhegan grabs 9th title in last 10 years with 3-0 victory over Cheverus

At Orono, Jessica Skillings scored two goals in the first half and the Skowhegan Indians rolled to a 3-0 victory over the Cheverus Stags to win the Class A state championship for the ninth time in the last ten years.

Skillings scored her first goal on a penalty stroke with 21:58 remaining in the first half. The second goal for Skillings came with 8:08 left in the first half. That goal was set up by a pass from Makaela Michonski.

Annie DiLisio (17) of Cheverus hits the ball. Makaela Michonski (21) of Skowhegan puts her stick out to block the ball. Photo by Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography

"It just came from Makaela Michonski at the top." Skillings said, "I realized I had a open reverse left side."

Haley Holt scored the only goal of the second half. Sarah Finnemore was credited with the assist.

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This time it is Nokomis over York for the State Championship

Nokomis Warriors the 2010 Class B State Champions. Photo by Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography
At Orono, Nokomis and York are familiar foes when it comes to matching up in a state championship game. In 2008 the York Wildcats defeated the Nokomis Warriors in the field hockey state championship game. This past February York defeated Nokomis in the state championship basketball game. On Saturday afternoon Nokomis was the one holding the state championship trophy after the game as they scored one goal in each half and walked away with a 2-0 victory.

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Leah Edmondson (left) dribbles the ball down the field. Marissa Shaw (17). Edmondson gave the assist to Shaw on the first goal of the game. Photo by Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography

Jordin McGinnis (left) of Nokomis and Michelle Potter (right) of York go after the ball. Photo by Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography

Marissa Shaw (right) of Nokomis takes a shot. over Hannah Keating (17) from York
Photo by  Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography

KVAC/PTC All Academic Cheering Fall 2010

Written by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The fall cheering teams do not pick all conference, but do announce all academic award winners.

Class A
Kaitlyn Dunn Brewer
Erin Helfen Brewer
Catherine Nichols Brewer
Dawna Daihle Edward Little
Myranda Tichy Edward Little
Megan Miville Lawrence
Ashley Blauvelt Lewiston
Abigail Campbell Lewiston
Rebecca-Marie Lessard Lewiston
Heather Michaud Lewiston
Kristen Brann Messalonskee
Randi Galouch Messalonskee
Montana Mawhinney Oxford Hills
Amanda Smith Oxford Hills

Class B
Grace Temple Gardiner
Samantha Brodek Hampden
Nicole Smith Leavitt
Brittany Neas MCI
Danielle Moshier Medomak
Paige Bruce Morse
Stephanie Moore Morse
Brittany Flewelling Mt. View
Sarah Wilson Mt. View

The Boston Celtics Week in Review-10/25-10/31

The 2010-2011 season got off to a good start for the Celtics, with a 88-80 win over the new big three and the rest of the Heat. The C's dominated on the defensive end holding the Heat to only 9 first quarter points, and holding the Heat to 36% shooting and forcing 17 turnovers. Ray Allen led the C's with 20 points going 5-8 from beyond the arc and Paul Pierce added 19 points and 9 rebounds. But the big story of the night was Rajon Rondo's 17 assists and only 3 turnovers. He controlled the flow of the game and got his teammates the ball in the right spot. The bench also played a big part in the game, lead by Glen Davis who scored 13 points on 6-7 shooting. It was a great first game for the C's who drew first blood on the Heat.

As good as the first game was the Celtics decided not to show up for their second game at Cleveland. In their defense though its was the Cavs opening night and their first game without the "King". They had something to prove and they did. ( At least for that game anyway) They played with a chip on their shoulders and wanted to show the world that they could win without the " King". The Celtics took a 73-68 lead into the fourth quarter, but was outscored 27-14 from there on out and lost 95-87. Rajon Rondo had 18 points and 9 assists and Kevin Garnett pulled down 15 rebounds. Big Baby had another good game off the bench scoring 14 points and grabbing 5 rebounds.

On Friday night the Celtics were back home against the New York Knicks. The Celtics got off to a slow start but quickly got it going. Rajon Rondo had a triple double with 10 points, 10 rebounds , and an amazing 24 assists. He set up play after play for his teammates and fell just 4 assists short of Bob Cousy's Celtics record of 28. Paul Pierce led the C's with 25 points and pulling down 14 rebounds and Kevin Garnett had 24 points and 10 rebounds. The Knicks kept the game close in the fourth quarter but Boston was able to pull out a 105-101 victory.

Overall I would say the Celtics opening week was a success. Being an older team they will lose games like they did in Cleveland. ( Second games on back to back nights) But when rested and focused like they were against the Heat the C's are going to be hard to beat. Below are some averages for the week:

Rajon Rondo: 10.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 16.7 assists
Paul Pierce: 19 points and 8.3 rebounds
Kevin Garnett: 14.3 points and 11.7 rebounds
Glen Davis: 14.3 points and 5.3 rebounds

Windjammers and Wildcats split semifinal games on the pitch

Written by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

Don Palmer Field was buzzing with excitement Saturday as the Camden Hills boys and girls soccer teams shared the stage in semifinal action against No. 3 Presque Isle boys and girls.
The girls played the first game with Presque Isle pulling off the upset of No. 2 Camden Hills 2-0 followed by the boys game that was a thrilling exhibition of soccer skills from both teams with the Windjammers taking the 1-0 win for the split.

Camden Hills Peter Vannorsdall, right, gets the ball off just before Presque Isle's Caleb Mathers during Saturday's semifinal game in Rockport. Camden Hills won 1-0. Photo by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The Presque Isle girls (12-3-1) will now move on to face its Class B rival and top-seeded Caribou for the right to move on to next weekend’s state Class B final. Camden Hills girls finish the season at 14-3 overall.
For the No. 2 Camden Hills boys (16-0-1) will now play No. 1 Ellsworth (16-0) Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at Ellsworth. Presque Isle finishes its season 13-2-1.
Girls Game:
Presque Isle 2, Camden Hills 0… Chelsea Nickerson and Shae Adler each scored unassisted goals for the visitors to lead the Wildcats past the Windjammers in semifinal girls soccer action Saturday in Rockport.

Presque's Isles Shae Adler, center, looks to break through the defense of Camden Hills Cailand Sweeting, left and Haley Williams during Saturday's game in Rockport. The Wildcats won the game 2-0. Photo by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

Presque Isle will now face off against Caribou in the battle of ‘The County’ , for the Eastern Class B title. Caribou defeated Presque Isle twice during the regular season
The Wildcats came with a plan and stuck to it all day, they knew the best way to beat Camden Hills was to stop Melanie Vangel, the scoring leader in Eastern Class B and force the rest of the Windjammers to put the ball in the net. With Vangel double teamed the entire game the Windjammers failed to find the open girl that had to be there if one was being doubled up and spent most of the first half trying to force the ball to Vangel.
With time running out in the first half Nickerson got a free kick just outside of the 18 that went past the Camden Hills wall and a diving Bumbalo to the far left corner for the score to make it 1-0.
Leading 1-0 Presque Isle put the pressure on the Windjammers and at the 15-minute mark of the second half the Wildcats struck again when Adler scored their second goal and took the wind out of the sails for the Windjammers.
Meredith Stewart made five saves for Presque Isle to record the shutout. Camden Hills goalie Lindsay Bumbalo made six saves for Camden Hills in the loss. The Wildcats out shot the Windjammers 8-5 and held a 4-2 edge in corner kicks.

Camden Hills Lexi Doudera stretches as far as she can to try and keep the ball from heading out of bounds. Photo by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

Camden Hills played a better second half then they did the first, but despite the outstanding defense they could not finish any offensive opportunities they had.
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Boys Game:
Camden Hills 1, Presque Isle 0… Andrew Flanagan tipped in a loose ball on a scrum in front of the goal at 37:50 in the first half and made that stand up for the win over visiting No. 3 Presque Isle.
The goal was scored on a through ball from Malcolm Steele to Flanagan who took the initial shot, than the Wildcats keeper, Andrew Kofstad, had his save came back to Flanagan and hit his leg and go in.

Camden Hills goalie Ian Cushing, center, goes up high over teammate Taylor Williams, left, and Presque Isle's Isaac LaJoie for a save. Photo by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

Ian Cushing was outstanding in goal for the Windjammers with five saves. However it was not the number of saves, but the type of saves that made them special. Cushing was everywhere the ball was rather he had to dive, jump, charge, or deflect it did not matter, nothing was going to get by Cushing in this game. For Presque Isle keeper Kofstad had three saves in the losing effort. The Wildcats out shot the Windjammers 5-4 and each team attempted two corner kicks.
Defense was key in this game for both teams. The one mistake early for the Wildcats paid dividends for the Windjammers as they capitalized on the mistake to score and then played tough defense the rest of the way to protect the lead.

Camden Hills Sam Predham, left, and Presque Isle's Brandon Bonville battle for control of the ball during Saturday's game in Rockport. Photo by Ron Hawkes/Maine Sports Report

The Camden Hills versus Ellsworth match up next Wednesday, Nov. 3 is a highly anticipated game and both teams will be up for the test. The two teams do not play each other during the regular season.

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