Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 NBA first round playoff Predictions

The 2011 NBA Playoffs start on Saturday afternoon. Here are the first round predictions. All series are best of seven.

Eastern Conference
#1 Bulls VS #8 Pacers- The Bulls won 62 games and are the favorite in the eastern conference. The Pacers won 37 games and made the playoffs because of a weak overall conference. Pick-  Bulls in 4

#4 Magic VS #5 Hawks- This should be a very entertaining series. Pick- Magic in 7

# 3 Celtics VS #6 Knicks- If Shaq is able to give anything this could be a short series. Expect Shaq to be limited and the Knicks to give the Celtics all they can handle. Pick- Celtics in 6

# 2 Heat VS #7 Sixers- The Sixers have the deepest bench but it will not be enough. Pick- Heat in 6

Western Conference
#1 Squrs VS #8 Grizzlies- It sounds like Manu is a no go for the Squrs. The Grizzlies are capable of knocking off the number one seed. Pick- Squrs in 7

#4 Thunder VS #5 Nuggets- The Nuggest traded away Carmelo and started playing better. Do not expect it to continue. Pick- Thunder in 5

#2 Lakers VS #7 Hornets- It is the playoffs so the Lakers will turn it on. Hornets should be able to win a game or  two. Pick- Lakers in 6

#3 Mavericks VS #6 Trail Blazers- This series could go either way. I expect this to be the only first round upset. Pick- Trail Blazers in 6

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