Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One on One with Ben Teer

Ben Teer (12) will be attending the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. Photo by Terry Robichaud/Moments n life photography

By William Lloyd

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Ben Teer, who is currently a point guard for Lee Academy's Prep team. Before I begin, I'd like to introduce Ben to those of you who may not be familiar with him.

Ben is 19 years old and about to embark on his journey of playing in Division II college basketball, after agreeing to play under a full scholarship. He grew up in Henderson, Kentucky until the age of 10, when he and his family moved to Jonesboro, Maine. Ben is a 2010 graduate of Washington Academy High School, where he led his varsity basketball team to many achievements, including PVC Champions, Eastern Maine Class C champions, and Class C state champions. Ben has also achieved many individual awards such as being named to the Bangor Maine All State Team, Bangor Tourney MVP, 1000 point scorer and the list goes on and on.

WL: So where will you be attending this fall?
BT: I'll be attending University Of Alaska Fairbanks. I haven't decided on my major though.

WL: You had so many achievements in high school sports, I'm sure it's hard to pick a favorite?
BT: My favorite memory from high school is probably either my senior year playing varsity soccer, or all the times I spent with the guys during the basketball season.

WL: Have you always thought you could play basketball at another level?
BT: I've always thought I was able to play college ball at the Division I or II level, but not a lot of people thought I could. My family, closest friends, and the community loved watching me play, and they said I would make it far. But I don't think a lot of people really truly believe I could make it to a high level of college basketball other than division III.

WL: What is your inspiration to succeed?
BT: God, my family and my friends. All three are the most inspiration. I want to make them proud, but then there are also the people who doubt me, and they inspire me as well.

WL: How would you describe your play style? And who is your game most like in the NBA?
BT: I'm a pass first mentality kind of point guard, that can pull up for the occasional mid range jump shot, or take a three pointer here and there. I can also drive to the basket and finish when needed to. I am a creative point guard, that has a high IQ of the game, and I'd say I'm like Steve Nash.

WL: I don't think many people realize how much work you guys put into your workouts and training. What does your daily routine consist of?
BT: My training consists of waking up before class, and lifting. Then I put up around 300 to 400 MADE jump shots. Then I go to class. After school is out, I shoot another 500 to 600 more made jump shots. I try to get in an hour of dribbling or quickness and agility drills every other day. Then I finish off my day with another weight lifting session. When summer gets here, I do alot of aquatic work outs. This summer I have a trainer flying up named Ganon Baker, who trains some of the most well known athletes in the NBA such as Kobe, Lebron, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and more. He will be working with me for about 4 hours every Saturday and Sunday.

WL: What do you think your weakness is in your game? And how do you overcome that weakness when playing?
BT: Most people would say it's my size, or how I'm not very athletic. I guess you could say the way I get past that is just how I mentally prepare myself, and how I react to those obstacles. By reading, studying and copying what most great successful people do to overcome adversity in their lives, I basically take peoples negative comments about me, and turn them into positives. I become smarter by doing this. I study more, and stay ahead of everyone else. It doesn't matter if you have all the athleticism in the world, if you don't have compassion, desire and true effort to be the best all around player, than it will catch up to you in the end. Behind closed doors I read a lot of John Wooden Books. I study and observe how he handled certain obstacles, and try to put it into my life when I have to. I tell myself there is nothing different about me than about the next player. If he can do it, I will find a way to do it as well. I have to be mentally tough.

WL: What do you think is your ultimate achievement so far in the game of basketball?
BT: I would have to say my ultimate achievement so far, is either winning a state championship, and now getting this Division II full scholarship.

WL: Do you think you could go pro eventually?
BT: I could probably go pro in Europe, but not here in the NBA. But I wouldn't want to go into the NBA anyway.

WL: Who is your favorite team and favorite player?
BT: My favorite team is the Boston Celtics, and favorite player is Kevin Garnett.

WL: Do you have a quote that you live by? Or that inspires you?
BT: "When you're not practicing, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win." -Bill Bradley


  1. That's my brother!!!! Haha, love you man. Can't wait till we can start hangin more again this summer. -Brett

  2. The guy trying to guard you in this pic (lol), lives 3 dorm rooms down from me. Ironic :P -Brett