Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eastern Maine basketball 2012 tourney predictions

 2012 Eastern Maine tourney predictions

Class A Boys

Eastern Maine final- Hampden over Mt. Blue

Class A girls

Eastern Maine final- Edward Little over Cony

Class B Boys

Eastern Maine Final- MDI over Gardiner

Class B Girls

Eastern Maine final- Nokomis over Presque Isle

Class C Boys

Eastern Maine final- Penquis over Sumner

Class C Girls

Eastern Maine final- Stearns over Bucksport

Class D Boys

Eastern Maine final- Washburn over Jonesport-Beals

Class D Girls

Eastern Maine final- Washburn over Central Aroostook


  1. This prediction is crap. Sumner is going to clean house on every team in Bangor this year. So Sumner has the team to make it to the top.

    1. I was wrong about Sumner. I thought they would get much deeper than that.

  2. And Sumner was picked to get to the Eastern Maine Final. That is not good? If they make it further than that it is good for them but picked as one of the two best teams in Eastern Maine is not a negative.

  3. Jonesport-Beals Royals is long overdue,guess they will have to prove the predictions WRONG

  4. Would not be surprising if they did prove my predictions wrong.

  5. I am hoping both Sumner & Jonesport-Beals go all the way. They both have great teams and are very capable of bringing it home. Don't count us out just yet. GO Tigers & Royals.

  6. Don't count out Lee though.. they have a very good team (lead by D.J. Johnson) with quite a few role players. Seeing them and Penquis (lead by Isaiah Bess) in the semi-finals will be an exciting game no doubt! I feel as though whoever wins between them will be Eastern Maine champs for class C

    1. I agree with Mr. Anonymous about Lee. They do have a very good team and is capable of beating any team out there. I'm not a Lee fan, but I know where to give " do!"

  7. You can not count out Lee, Sumner or Calais. I picked Penquis but they will have to play a very good game just to get by Fort Kent in the quarterfinals.